Plasto is a Finnish manufacturer of high quality plastic toys. Our bright coloured, durable toys leave room for imagination and encourage creativity in children.

All Plasto toys are manufactured in Finland. Our toy factory was founded in 1954 and is located in the beautiful Åland islands. In our factory adults make toys for children in ethically correct manner. All our products have the right to use the Finnish key flag symbol, which is an acknowledgement given to high quality Finnish products. 

I'm Green

Already in 2017 we launched our I’m Green bioplastic toy line.

Our I’m green toys are manufactured of bioplastic that is made from sugar cane. This is a sustainable choice. The plastic in our I’m Green toys is produced from sugar cane that is 100 % renewable. This contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and carbon footprint, since the sugar cane binds more carbon dioxide when growing than is emitted when producing the plastic raw material from it (-2,78 CO2 eq/kg).

We continuously develop and expand our I’m Green product line.

In the presentation below you find more information about environment, our toys and our factory: